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The X-Project
Last week in X-Project! 
15th-Feb-2017 10:43 pm
To read along with the game, visit xp_friends! (Any corrections required, please email Eva)

Feb 6 Scott leaves a birthday gift at Kitty’s door.

Feb 7

Feb 8 Topaz posts about having lost a magically alive catnip mouse being lost. Sharon emails Scott and Garrison about the exam simulation being what she is looking for.

Feb 9 Hope posts about needing some help in researching a business. Sooraya and Ev have a break through in her powers training. Sharon emails her students about the exams and when she is available for extra practice.

Feb 10 Cecelia posts about being nostalgic and making a whole lot of rice pudding.

Feb 11 Darcy has a birthday gift delivered to Warren. Ev texts Wanda about having missed their birthdays and them going out.

Feb 12 Tabitha posts about having received a birthday gift from her dad and what to do with it.
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