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The X-Project
Last Week in X-Project!! 
8th-Feb-2017 07:18 am
Space, 3d, War
To read along with the game, visit xp_friends! (Any corrections required, please email AJ)

Jan 30 - Bobbi admits that eating Nutella for two straight weeks might get you a little sick.

Jan 31 - Bobby texts Warren asking for help with Mile’s birthday. Hope meets her father for a meal and they reconnect. Bobby leaves a birthday cake and a stack of visual novels for Miles.

Feb 1 - Miles posts to the journals thanking Miles for the cake and offering it to anyone who wants so of his leftovers.

Feb 2 - Jean leaves a bottle of wine and a mini birthday cake at Kitty’s door for her birthday. Miles admits that since no-one came for the cake he ate the rest of it for breakfast.

Feb 3 - Tandy admits that her suite might be turning into a little bit of a mini library and apologises to Molly for cluttering it up. Kitty admits she never liked birthdays so next year she’s going to celebrate Rubber Band War Day.

Feb 4 - Maya posts, wishing she still had midterms so that she could ignore the state of current affairs in the US.

Feb 5 - After the Superbowl Darcy decides to accept Lady Gaga and her satanic rituals into her life as her supreme ruler.
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