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The X-Project
Last week in X-Project! 
30th-Jan-2017 11:00 pm
Astonishing! :o
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Jan 23 - With Extreme Prejudice: CBS reports that the Mayor is holding a meeting with mutant activist leaders to discuss the recent marches and violence. Maya asks if anyone went to the Women’s March in DC or New York. Cecilia makes a journal post announcing she’s back from the protests in DC. Ty text Hope to tell her there are several jewelry boxes waiting for her.

Jan 24 - Hope emails Tandy, Topaz, and Sue for help with her many jewelry boxes. With Extreme Prejudice: Spider-Man and Daredevil stake out a Friends of Humanity weapons deal to learn where these guns are coming from, and it's not good news.

Jan 25 - With Extreme Prejudice: Miles texts Matt about remembering Hanrahan now.

Jan 26 - Maya posts a picture to her journal about why your argument is invalid. Doug posts a picture to his journal about an unlikely trio of freedom fighters.

Jan 27 - With Extreme Prejudice: Daredevil saves Detective Mahoney from a vengeful partner; Meanwhile, Spider-Man tracks down Dan Hanrahan to get some answers, and finally discovers who the serial killer is, which does not end well for Miles.

Jan 28 -

Jan 29 - With Extreme Prejudice:Bobby tries to help Miles process what happened Friday night.
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