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The X-Project
Last Week in X-Project! 
24th-Jan-2017 10:15 am
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Jan 16 - Bobbi declares 2017 the Year of Nutella and challenges all to provide her with combinations.

Jan 17 - Warren sets Sue the task of finding a corgi puppy for Bobbi.

Jan 18

Jan 19 - With Extreme Prejudice: Concerned about Foggy’s safety after the deaths of several people involved in the mutant killings case, Matt stays the night; his worst fears are confirmed when someone breaks in and he has to out himself as Daredevil to protect his friend; Matt texts Miles, asking for help.

Jan 20 - Maya decides art museums and dance are the best way to cope with Inauguration Day. With Extreme Prejudice: Daredevil and Spider-Man investigate the apartment of one of the victims and are surprised by a detective, who surprisingly turns out to be an ally; Miles discovers a ninja star at the scene.

Jan 21 - Warren stops by Jean’s hospital to make good on his word to donate money and is impressed by her dedication. With Extreme Prejudice: Daredevil and Spider-Man interfere in a confrontation between Friends of Humanity and mutants before it gets violent.

Jan 22 - Angelo takes Maya out to do some volunteer work and they have an interesting ethical conversation on the bus. Jubilee can’t sleep and seeks out Warren to watch movies with. Miles reflects on the coverage he (as Spider-Man) is receiving from the Daily Bugle. With Extreme Prejudice: CBS reports that the Mayor is holding a meeting with mutant activist leaders to discuss the recent marches and violence. Maya asks if anyone went to the Women’s March in DC or New York.
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