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The X-Project
Last Week in X-Project! 
19th-Mar-2012 10:07 am
Astonishing! :o
To read along with the game, visit xp_friends!

Mar 12 - Operation: A Roving Commission: Marie-Ange and Nico visit a woman who used to work for Bulat; Remy and Doug break into a Romanian black market bank for more information; North and Jubilee talk to one of Bulat's competition for more details on how he conducts his business; Sarah and Amanda do a little trepassing to isolate Bulat's likely shipments. Nico shares a truly terrifying bad porn novel excerpt.

Mar 13 - Operation: A Roving Commission: Remy posts to Snow Valley about tracking Bulat, and wanting to take him down that night if possible; Remy and Nico launch the start of the trap for Bulat; Amanda and Jubilee go after the 'cargo'; Sarah, Doug, marie-Ange and North deal with Bulat, and Remy extracts the information they need from him before leaving him for the police.

Mar 14 - Lorna makes a journal entry about organizing a St. Patrick's Day party, complete with ideas for dinner, side dishes, and dessert. Kyle makes a journal entry about Spam advertisements and the likelihood of Mondo having a job in advertising for them. Kurt makes a journal entry about odd-coloured powder still being in his fur. Scott makes a journal entry about coloured powder remaining in his hair.

Mar 15 - Yvette makes an announcement in her journal about Angelica e-mailing her to say she's staying in Europe for summer vacation and maybe the next school year. Lorna texts Sharon to see if she's busy and asking her to stop by. Sooraya makes a journal entry about being accepted to three places for college, with three more to go, and reflecting on how she's got this far from her previous life in Afghanistan. Lorna and Sharon meet up to review what they need for the St. Patrick's Day party.

Mar 16 - Scott makes a post to x_team congratulating Jean-Phillipe for making full X-Man status. Jean-Phillipe texts Marie-Ange with a picture of himself in X-Men uniform pants, asking if his ass looks fat. Lorna and Sam run into each other while out jogging early in the morning, catching up with each other, talking about the St. Patrick's Day party and history. Kurt and Monet have a huge, loud fight that finally leads to the end of their relationship. Monet e-mails her father to accept his offer of an internship before she starts studying law.

Mar 17 - Monet e-mails all Elpis staff to let them know she'll be in Sydney for the next few months and will continue to be working remotely. Wade texts Kurt to see if he'd like to go grab a drink after his fight with Monet. Callie makes a journal entry about picking up cookies people have previously ordered from her. Sarah V. texts Layla, hoping she feels better and warning her about future pinching if she's not wearing green. Doug e-mails Terry to wish her a happy St. Patrick's Day and to warn her of pinching as well. Scott stops by to see how Kurt's doing and finds that he's actually doing pretty well. Matt makes a journal entry about how everyone who isn't Irish like him wishes they were on St. Patrick's Day. Wade texts Marie-Ange about taking Matt to mass on Sunday and asks if she's interested. Jean stops by to check in on Kurt after his break up and they end up talking about Jean and Scott's own relationship troubles.

Mar 18 - Clarice makes a journal entry about being hung over from the previous evening's festivities. Sam takes Kurt out for brunch to see how he's doing after the break up, and they end up talking about Sam's situation a little. Doug makes a journal entry about enjoying all the various chocolate he has and watching basketball. Lorna makes a journal entry thanking those who helped with the St. Patrick's Day party food and decorations. Jean-Paul texts Jean-Phillipe about having movie tickets now and asking if he'd like to see something together.
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